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CPIN Events

Immigrant Integration

Mon day celebration at South Middle School in Aurora, Colorado.  Go to our Photos page to see more.


Muhidin is the Director of The Somali Bantu Community Association of Colorado.  Watch what they do for immigrants in Colorado.


Adrien is a refugee from the Congo who now calls Denver home.  Read his story.


Colorado Providers for Integration Network (CPIN), a project of Colorado African Organization, is a group of service providers and interested community members who believe that one of the paths towards immigrant integration is to raise the level of service provision for immigrants and refugees through collaboration, training, language access, cultural understanding, and awareness.  Through our monthly service provider meetings, listserv, social media projects, trainings, collective knowledge, and skill sharing, we aim to increase the integration success rate for our clients and fellow community members.  We believe a collective effort is needed to help our immigrant and refugee clients navigate the various systems needed to go from surviving to thriving and contributing.

Immigrant integration is a dynamic, two-way process in which newcomers and the receiving society work together to build secure, vibrant, and cohesive communities. As an intentional effort, integration engages and transforms all community members, reaping shared benefits and creating a new whole that is greater than the sum of its parts (Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees).

Stories of Integration

  • Abdul-headshot
  • Adrian
  • Amuda-headshot
  • Chan1-headshot
  • Fadumo
  • Hilda-headshot
  • Krassin
  • Mari
  • Muhidin-headshot
  • Samir-headshot
  • Som-headshot
  • Subbu-headshot